St. Vincent de Paul accepts monetary donations, as well as donations of sellable items.  We require that all donated items be clean and unbroken and of a generally serviceable condition.

Mail Monetary donations to: 1402 S. Meridian Rd. Jasper IN 47546

Donate Your Vehicle

You can donate your vehicle to Saint Vincent de Paul. Just specify the Jasper conference as the beneficiary, and when the vehicle is sold at auction, we’ll receive the proceeds.

St. Vincent de paul Drop-off AreaDrop-off

Items may be donated at the St Vincent de Paul drop-off area. The donation drop off area is located at 1402 South Meridian Road (1/8 mile south of the store). The drop area is available to the public 24 hours—7 days per week. This area is protected from the weather & has surveillance cameras for your safety. If a tax receipt is needed, please request it before unloading your donation.


Large items may be scheduled to be picked up by the St. Vincent de Paul truck, Tuesday through Friday. To qualify, we require that the value of items to be picked up be sufficient to exceed the cost of fuel and labor for the trip. Heavy items must be at street level prior to pick up. To inquire about a pickup, call the store at 482-3601.


Items we need:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Lamps
  • Clothing
  • Dishes
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Tools
  • Dressers
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Purses
  • Good Sofas
  • Good Recliners
  • Books
  • Blankets
  • Bicycles

Items we can not accept:

  • Mattresses
  • Televisions
  • Freezers
  • Medicines
  • Tires
  • Animals
  • Used Paint Containers
  • Carpet
  • Computers
  • Anything exposed to bed bugs or smoke
  • Windows
  • Printers
  • Refrigerators
  • Chemicals
  • Broken, soiled or torn furniture

Please do not dump items we can not accept in our dropbox. SVDP must pay to dispose of these items.This reduces our ability to help those in need.